To network or not to network, that is the question

To network or not to network, that is the question

How many of us have set up business, found the best broadband and installed the latest technology with a mind set to launch, promote and make a profit all in one week?  Did you know the first steps of setting up your business can be vital to your success not to mention the security of your livelihood?

Creating the right network within your business allows you to work from any setting, any device and from any location.  Not only will you have minimal overheads but you will reduce client demands instantaneously through remote access.

The daily strife of meeting a client’s demands can be never ending not to mention the general administrative duties but having access off site allows you much more flexibility and independence to fulfil computer based tasks from any location that has internet connectivity.

By allowing you to access multiple files from any location, share email and printers, our bespoke servers can implement security and strengthen remote access through a click of the button without the tedious and unreliable process of backing up your files at night.


Here are our top seven reasons why using a server is beneficial:

Enhanced data protection – provides reliable back up to all your files without the long overnight updates

Secured accessibility – allows data access from any connected location; restoring valuable documents online without using external hard-drives or USBs which can be lost or broken.

Fast data restoration – provides instant access to your files and on hand recovery applications, reducing update time and additional application costs.

Heightened staff productivity – time spent on installing updates and waiting for programs to reload is reduced, enhancing staff productivity through assigned work and appointed schedules. 

Reliability and optimisation – not only is data accessible but the speed of functionality enhances IT performance and provides you with much more control over your computer software.

Functionality – In the event of a hardware failure the equipment can be sustained without any set-up and there is no software or data to recover. The use of replicated data located on different servers provides resilience and suitable backups.

Hacker safe- A network computer, unlike a normal computer or laptop can be configured to have no user-accessible storage devices. In a network computer the tools for the hacker are just not there.

A great white paper which expands on our love for network servers is available here.

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