Take advantage of technology in your business

Take advantage of technology in your business

‘Network Computing’ is one of the better ways to take advantage of technology in your business.

If you have big ambitions it starts with a solid computing infrastructure. Why? I have highlighted 7 significant benefits for you:

1. Flexibility

Software applications are easily updated, enhanced or new functionality can be added and deployed. The speed of response may turn into a competitive advantage.

2. Optimisation and Control

Network computing can provide the right software and data at the right time. It gives you the ability to control the levels of access to different bits of the software or even to create customised experiences.

3. Availability and Reliability

In the event of a hardware failure the equipment can be substituted without any set-up and there is no software or data to recover. The use of replicated data located on different servers provides resilience and suitable backups. Remember 70% of small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.

4. Improved System Management

Cost and time savings apply to the maintenance and updating of software which is downloaded from the server. User data is secured on the server, thus eliminating the need for local backup and restore.

5. Improved Security

A network computer, unlike a normal computer or laptop can be configured to have no user-accessible storage devices. In a network computer the tools for the hacker are just not there.

6. Greater Access to Shared Resources

The value of this benefit is tied to the size and nature of the organisation and the extent to which users currently share data.

7. Cheaper Equipment

This claim is based on the observation that network computers have no user accessible local storage devices and hence a lower parts count. They also need, in general, less processing power since they employ browser or applications allowing the use of less expensive technology.

If you have big ambitions the last thing you want in a period of growth is for your business to be restricted by your computing infrastructure. If you’d like to know more about network computing or how to make it slot in neatly to existing processes we’d be happy to talk it through with you.

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