Support For Businesses

Supply hardware and setup

We supply a wide range of major brand desktop and laptop personal computers including HP, Sony, Acer, Fujitsu Siemens, Toshiba and IBM.

We can also build bespoke PCs made and supplied from our Olney workshops, which are tailor made to your exact requirements. Why not email us with your requirements to receive a quote?

We are Microsoft Partners and Intel and AMD resellers.

We select only the very best components – those we know to be best for performance, reliability and compatability. Because we’re in charge of the production process and quality control, you’re guaranteed a first class result.

Email and domain registration setup

Having a business email address is much more professional when engaging with your clients. The email address is linked to your website address but don’t worry if you do not now how to do that because we can help you with your website domain name address too. For example you could then have the email address or

Creating different email addresses with the same custom domain extension is also an effective way to organise your business internally. Rather than having just one address where all emails are delivered, you can set up different addresses for each department.

Network health check and upgrades

It’s essential to check the health of your network to ensure your business is not slowed down by your infrastructure. It’s also important to make sure the security is up to date too as 70% of small firms that have a data security breach go out of business within a year. It’s really important to keep your customer data safe.

Server administration

Our expert computer engineers are on-hand to assemble, support and maintain Servers – these computers are the heart of your network, providing files, email, printers and other services to your workstations.

We sell and configure HP Proliant, Intel and also our own brand servers.

A Server has advantages over a traditional PC because it is bigger, more robust and has built in redundancy (RAID –Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks!) – for example, an array of two hard drives can be set to mirror each other, providing a fall back should one drive fail. Our servers are built with your business continuity in mind, which makes them ideal for 24/7 running and coping with the heaviest of workloads.

With consistent and highly reliable design, industry-standard components that ease integration, an array of availability features and options, innovations in data protection, and the backing of world-class services, our servers have the right technology at the right price for the right job.

We offer qualified engineers to install and configure your server, with experience in Server 2003 / 2008 & 2012, Small Business Server 2003 / 2008 & 2011, as well as Microsoft Server Technologies, such as Exchange, SQL, ISA, IIS, Active Directory and Sharepoint.

Safe and secure back-up service.

Traditional backup systems (tape, disk, USB memory) are best intermittent and slow and at worst don’t work when you need them the most! Mirror Servers and Counter-Act have partnered up to get rid of this headache. Instead of waiting hours to find that your current backup media is unusable, be up and running with your data within minutes. Reduce recovery & restore times up to 80% compared to traditional tape based systems

The system can be employed on as few as one home user laptop or desktop system, right through to Windows Servers, including SQL and Exchange Server.