Four reasons for small business to love their I.T.

Four reasons for small business to love their I.T.

t’s very easy, to get very annoyed, very quickly with your I.T.

But for those of us who run our own business and can remember back even just five years ago, know that we are in a much better place now.

Scanning documents

Being able to scan documents and images has saved more trees and trouble than you can imagine. Remember fax machines? It would have been easier to push a bit of paper down a phone line.

There is even the ability to handle documents on mobile now, for example ‘office lens’ allows you to take a picture of any whiteboard or printed document and turns them into word or powerpoint files.

Cheaper I.T. hardware

Due to the rate of progress you can get a lot of good tech very cheaply. Follow advice and get a spec that is designed for your work. It’s not just laptops and computers though. A good internet connection can go a long way, saving you money on phone bills, by using Skype for example. Not to mention the additional benefits of having face to face time using video calls.

The cloud

Many people who use the cloud properly agree that it has changed their business for the better. The ability to work from anywhere and on any device gives full flexibility to a small business. The best part of this being no upfront costs like you would with hardware. See more on the benefits of the cloud.

Being contactable at any time

Being interconnected across multiple devices means you can respond to client enquiries at anytime, which works particularly well if you have international clients.

We’ve come a long way but one things for sure they will continue to get better. One things for sure though you’ve got to get it setup correctly to love it.

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